Thanks to Some Great Folks! (Blog Awards)

I've been a very lucky blogger! I have some awesome friends. These folks were kind enough to pass along a few awards my way. Here are the awards, and the fabulous friends who passed them my way :)

Yvonne sent me the You Rock! Award

Jen Daiker awarded me the Crazy Love Award

Bethany Elizabeth, Bec, Dave Bartlett, Erinn, Cruella Collett, Kathi Oram Peterson, Rosie Connolly & Susan Gourley all sent the Versatile Blogger Award my way

Lynn awarded me the Blogger BFF Award

This Awesome Sauce award came my way via Lisa Gibson

Charmaine Clancy and Laurel awarded me The Blogger Buddy Award

I received The Most Excellent Blogger Award from Mary McDonald (designed by her talented daughter!)

Nicole Ducleroir and Shelley Sly passed along the Awesomesauce Award!

The Stylish Blogger Award was given to me by VR Barkowski

Lisa Gibson, Dawn Simon & Lydia Kang sent the Sweet Blog Award my way

Talli Roland, Wendy Morrell & E. Elle awarded me the Blogger Buddie Award

Lorel & Lisa Gail Green passed me the Beautiful Blogger Award

Suzette & Bethany sent me the Butterfly Award for the Coolest Blog I Know!

Susan Gourley/Kelley & Jackee awarded me the Sunshine Award :)

Shelley passed the Creative Writer Award along to me.

VR Barkowski , Laurel Garver , Tara, Susan Fields, and Talli Roland were both SWEET enough to pass the Sugar Doll award along my way :)

Patricia Stotley, Helen Ginger, Julie DaoStephanie Thornton, Tara & Yvonne Osborne sent the Prolific Blogger Award along.

The Quillfeather Award came my way from Carolina Valdez Miller & Lola Sharpe

 L. Diane Wolfe, Rebecca and Arlee Bird passed me the You Are My Sunshine Award

Medeia Sharif awarded me the Silver Lining Award

Michele Emrath sent me the Blogger Purrfection award

Lesa's Bald Faced Liar/Creative Writer award came my way via Mason Canyon. Mari challenged me to a creepy version of the same award!

Carolyn Yalin, Karen Walker and Helen Ginger passed the Circle of Friends Award my way.

Thanks to Karen Musings & Lorel Clayton for the Over the Top Award!

Stephanie Thornton, Anne Spollen & Jade awarded me the Happy 101/Cupcake Award

From Natalie Bahm I received the Superior Scribbler Award

Sara McClung, Wendy Morrell & Cassandra Jade awarded me the Picasso/From Me to You Award

From Stephen Tremp & Shannon O'Donnell I received the Awesomous Maximus award.

Kristi Faith, Laura Marcella, Anne Tyler Lord and Anne Riley sent the One Lovely Blog Award my way

Elizabeth Spann Craig created & passed along the Blogging Writer Award

Courtney Reese passed me the Best Blogger Award!

Thanks to Wendy Morell, Sara McClung, Jade and Roxy Haynie for the Honest Scrap Award!
My First Award was the Kreativ Blogger passed to me by the fabulous Debra Schubert! Then TK Richardson and Dawn Simon passed it along my way as well!